Disputes & Litigation

A dispute over any matter can be a distressful and testing time for any individual. At Michael Hill Partnership, we advise on a variety of civil dispute and litigation matters.
From the outset we will discuss and agree the risks and costs involved and ensure that you are fully advised. We must analyse the risks of court action against the justice sought and may suggest alternatives to resolving disputes, such as mediation.
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Our Disputes & Litigation Team

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For most general civil matters and disputes cases, we can provide a consultation by phone for up to 15 minutes without charge. Thereafter we can offer an appointment lasting approximately half an hour at the fixed fee of £210.00 (£175.00 plus VAT). This can be done by way of an in-person appointment at our office, by Microsoft Teams meeting or by telephone. During your appointment, we will listen to your concerns and give you advice so that you are better informed regarding your legal position, the issued involved, what options are available and the next steps.

Thereafter we charge at the basic hourly rate of £350 plus VAT (£420). – (This could be varied according to complexity, urgency and value by separate agreement).

Advice on the mediation process and outcomes will be on the same basis. If we are to check documents and give opinions on documents they will also follow the same hourly rates. We can also come to fixed fee arrangements in appropriate cases.

Estimates are given at the outset based on information provided and would be revised as the matter progresses.

All letters/email and routine telephone calls are charged at 1/10th of the hourly charging rate.